Mesoskin Virtual Mesotherapy


  • Management of hair thinning and hair loss


Who is it for?

Mesotherapy is suitable for men and women wishing to rejuvenate their face, body or hair, eliminate cellulite, or treat pain.

What is the treatment?

Mesotherapy is a medical therapeutic technique which has many indications in medicine and aesthetic medicine. It has been used for several thousands of years. The technique provides transdermal delivery of medications and/or vitamins into the middle layer of the skin (the mesoderm) using a very fine needle.

How does the treatment work?

Mesotherapy solutions can stimulate fibroblasts in the skin to produce more collagen to combat the signs of ageing. Mesotherapy solutions include hyaluronic acid, growth factors, peptides, antioxidants, and trace elements to rejuvenate, nourish and repair the skin and hair in order to cope with the ageing process better.

Benefits of the treatment

In the hands of an experienced medical professional, the treatment is safe, effective and comfortable. Mesotherapy should be performed only by a licenced physician trained in this technique.

Duration of treatment

A typical treatment takes 25-45 minutes.

How many sessions are required?

Multiple sessions are required, depending on the indication.


There is no downtime and patients are able to resume their normal activities immediately afterwards.

Mesoskin virtual mesotherapy is a recently developed technology that utilizes the concept of “electroporation” to introduce active ingredients and meso cocktails into the skin. Electroporation involves applying an electrical field to cells, which enhances the cell membrane’s permeability and enables the introduction of chemicals and nutrients into the cells.

This needle-free mesotherapy technique offers a non-invasive method of delivering nutrients and active substances through the skin, eliminating the undesirable side effects associated with traditional needle-based mesotherapy. What sets this technique apart is its ability to deliver substances to the hypodermal and dermal layers of the skin without causing any harm or injury to the epidermis.