• Male pattern androgenetic alopecia
  • Female pattern androgenetic alopecia
  • Boosting immunity
  • Helping to fight against free radicals
  • Tackling the signs of skin ageing
  • Hair nourishment
  • Detoxification 
  • Boosting vitality
  • Mood support
  • Increasing energy


Recharge, revitalise, rejuvenate with one of our IV drips or booster shots.
Meet your body’s micronutrient requirements with our cutting-edge range of IVNT
Optimise your diet with Intravenous Nutrition Therapy to help facilitate health and well-being.



Who is it for?

Men and women in need of that extra boost

What is the procedure?

Western diets are traditionally calorie rich, yet nutrient poor.  Intravenous Nutritional Therapy (IVNT) is not designed to replace a healthy diet, nor is it a medical therapy.  It is intended to supplement and enhance the delivery of micronutrients into your body for health and well-being.  IVNT bypasses the digestive system, ensuring improved bioavailability and speed of delivery of nutrients to your cells.  Every single cell in your body is alive, feed them with the necessary nutrients so that you can stay fit and healthy.  IVNT is just another tool in your arsenal to help you on your journey.

How does the treatment work?

IV Nutrition Therapy (IVNT) uses a variety of vitamin “cocktails” to give the body the nutrients it needs. Many celebrities across the world have embraced and endorsed IVNT, thus fuelling the demand for this treatment. Recharge, revitalise, rejuvenate with one of our IV drips or booster shots.

Benefits of the treatment

Duration of treatment

The treatment takes around 45 minutes.

How many sessions are required?

We recommend that IVNT should initially be undertaken weekly and then fortnightly to achieve maximum results.  Maintenance treatments are then usually carried out once every 4-8 weeks, or as soon as you feel that your body needs a top up.   Most people will feel the positive effects immediately after their IV therapy and will go on to feel a sense of general wellness and increased energy for several days.


No downtime