• Excess fat in the face and neck
  • Mild sagging and jowling in the face and neck
  • Uneven or rough skin texture
  • Reduction in acne lesions
  • Acne scarring and other scars on the face or body
  • Deep lines and creases
  • Sun damage
  • Enlarged pores
  • Stretch marks
  • Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating)

Who is it for?
Morpheus8 and Morpheus8 Body treatments are suitable for men and women who are
looking for the ultimate solution to improve visible signs of aging including fine lines,
wrinkles, sagging skin and loss of tone and elasticity, patients who have active acne or acne
scars that do not respond to oral and/or topical medications, and patients suffering from
excessive sweating.

What is the treatment?
Morpheus8 and Morpheus8 Body is a minimally invasive Subdermal Adipose Remodeling
Device (SARD) designed for facial and body subdermal adipose remodelling using fractional
RF. Morpheus8 delivers the deepest fractional treatments available, penetrating subdermal
tissue up to 8mm.

How does the treatment work?
Morpheus8 is a popular option that provides deep fractional, radiofrequency for exceptional
skin, tissue, and collagen remodelling that improves the skin appearance and reduces
irregularities. Morpheus8 is ideal for treatment of small hard-to-reach and facial soft tissue

Morpheus8 Body, with 3D Smart Frame and Burst technology, is the first and only
handpiece to provide deep 8mm subdermal adipose tissue remodelling. With a unique large
surface tip consisting of a matrix of 40 thin gold-coated microneedles and a thermal profile
of 7mm plus an additional heat profile of 1mm, Morpheus8 Body can be programmed to
quickly treat large tissue areas at the deepest levels of RF available.
Benefits of treatment

The Morpheus8 / Morpheus8 Body treatment is a powerful option for non-surgical skin
tightening. It stimulates the body’s natural collagen production in the skin and remodels
deeper facial and body tissues. The end result is skin that not only appears more youthful
but also exudes the radiant glow of well-maintained skin, effectively defying the tell-tale
signs of ageing.

Duration of treatment
The length of the treatment depends on the individual patient’s needs. Typically, the
treatment is completed in 30 to 60 minutes.
How many sessions are required?

Ideal results with Morpheus8 skin rejuvenation are best achieved through a series of
treatments. The precise number of treatments depends on the treatment area, the age of
the patient, and other related factors. In general, to achieve optimum results, we
recommend 3-6 treatment sessions spaced 4 to 6 weeks apart.

There is little to no thermal damage to the skin surface, but there may be transient
erythema, transient oedema, transient crusting, tolerable discomfort or pain, and reversible
change of pigmentation, with little risk of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.